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Brand Awareness Surveys

Executive Summary

Asset Benchmark Research conducted surveys on brand awareness for three different clients from mid-April to mid-December 2014. The findings centered upon the characteristics decision makers associated with the respective bank or asset manager namely: ability to generate long-term, superior returns, strong brand and reputation, product innovation, investment philosophy and service and support model among others. Respondents were asked to define what brand meant to them and what marketing they recalled over a 6-month to year-long period.


Our methodology is rigorous and designed to accommodate the requirements of respondents. Our questionnaires are meticulously crafted, capitalizing on a deep knowledge of the industry and close ties with the content specialists which enable us to create a high-level, relevant survey.

Our dedicated research team first reaches treasurers, institutional investors and fund selectors, walking them through the scope and purpose of the project and directs them to an online survey. Personalized follow-up calls are then made to ensure detailed, qualitative insights are obtained. Face-to-face interviews may also be conducted. Because we speak directly to our respondents instead of merely passing on forms they can fill out, we provide an in-depth look into the perspective of corporates that few others are capable of. Qualitative feedback and observations are transcribed and reported alongside quantitative output, giving subscribers detailed, actionable results.